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RELEASES: New house and techno tracks to be announced soon.


Raised by the sounds of house music, Kidd Wrek (formally known as DJ Wrek) has come from the world of  making house music beats and mixing his own work within itself. In 1997, Wrek was finally able to work the decks and began spinning at big events once a month. People from other states would come out to Chicago to rock right along with Wrek . He flowed his mixing style right into hard house, after coming from an era of old skool house. In 2000, he was introduced to underground house music and was able to spin at his first club in Chicago. In the summer of 2001, Wrek was able to hit the crowd with his style of mixing and scratching, shining 1st place in his first DJ battle and 2nd place in another Battle of the DJ’S contest. He later became a resident at a couple of clubs in Chicago.

After spinning in clubs for a while, Wrek got back into recording engineering and combined his piano playing skills with his spinning skills, creating demos, live mixes, and produced songs to help local artists prepare for music seminars held by top radio stations. It wasn’t long before Wrek hit the roads, spinning across the US, being  a part of tours and raves.  He later had the privilege to work alongside with hard house legend, DJ Trajic, where he released his first Electro House single “Up In My Soul” and later followed with other singles, collaborations, and remixes for other artists.  He also became a once a month resident DJ for a club  radio station in Catalonia, Spain. In 2010, he started 2 new original DJ Mix series “Bangin for the Luv of Muzik” and “I Love House” series, which both have gotten huge responses not only in the U.S, but also the UK, Australia, Ireland, and parts of Russia. From collaborations to remixing, producing, and spinning, Wrek has gained respect from top DJ’s, fans, and many people throughout the world, and continues to share his passion for the sound of music.


MIXES – (Solo)

To listen to these mixes, they can be downloaded for free on podcast. Click here to access.


Available on BEATPORT




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